Kai'maria Longcrest

Dragonborn Warlord of the Shield of Erathis from Davenport


Kai’maria is an eighteen year old female dragonborn. She is 6’6” tall and has a lean muscular build. She has red scales and golden brown eyes.


Kai’maria is a member of the Longcrest clan, most of who live in Davenport. Until the age of seven she lived with her clan in Davenport. She was looked after and educated by the clan’s caretakers, which is common for young dragonborn. She spent her youngest years running with other dragonborn youngsters through the streets of Davenport’s Dragonborn neighborhood and learning about clan history and duty from the clans Amas. Kai’maria has a clan sister, Kseniya, who is three years older then her and a clan brother, Varlam, who is four years younger. Kai’maria’s mother, Serafina Longcrest, is a blacksmith who travels most of the year with a caravan the visits various small towns east of Davenport. During the winter she would stay in Davenport and check up on her children. When Kai’maria turned seven she decided she would like to travel with her mother.

Till the age of fourteen she traveled the yearly round with the caravan. She would help her mother with her work and often ran odd jobs to assist the other people in the group. Her mother and she were the only dragonborn in the group and it was not uncommon for them to run into people in the remote villages who had never seen any dragonborn besides themselves. Because of this she was often subject to the stereotypes, fortunately mostly positive, that many villagers have about dragonborn. This annoyed her a great deal when she was younger, but taking her mother and older sister as examples, she has learned to take their assumptions with wry good humor. She has become practiced at breaking the ice and even making friends with the people she met while they were traveling.

From her experiences during this time she has learned about traveling and camping. Although Kai’maria’s older sister took an interest in blacksmithing and was eventually apprenticed to the trade, Kai’maria found she was more interested in the work of the caravan’s guards. She learned the basics of swordplay from them and found that she had a talent for the work. She also learned that her mother was not only a blacksmith, but also a Watcher for the Sheild of Erathis. Her mother told her many stories about the order’s purpose and the exploits of its heroes; stories that made a deep impression on Kai’maria.

At the age of fourteen she enrolled at the school run by the dragonborn in Davenport, where she completed her basic education as well as studying swordsmanship with the arms master, Nikifor Yevgeniya. She started out in the basic classes with many other students, but eventually went on to study advanced technique and tactics with a few others who showed a particular aptitude.

During this time she got to know the city of Davenport as whole, not just the Dragonborn quarter which had formed her world when she was little and her main interest when they came to visit during the winter. The city has fairly large populations of tieflings, dwarves, and halflings as well as the ubiquitous humans. As a person who had been annoyed by other people’s assumptions growing up, she took a particular interest in learning about the cultures of these other groups. She makes a conscious effort to judge people based on their own merits and avoid making assumptions.

At the age of sixteen, the age of legal adulthood for dragonborn, Kai’maria contracted to give an egg to Kiril Zakhar, a close friend since childhood. He had recently finished his training as a leatherworker and had expressed an interest in starting a family. Since they were both from clans of good reputation and well respected within their clans the match was approved and an elder from each of their clans witnessed the contract. Six months later she gave the egg over to the care of the Zakhar clan and the contract was officially completed. She still has a great deal of affection for both Kiril and her now year and half old son Vlasi, but, in human terms, as the non clan parent, her relationship to the child is more like that of an aunt then a mother.

At the age of eighteen Kai’maria completed her training at the Davenport school and earned admittance into the Shield of Erathis, where she hopes to bring honor to her clan and live up to the stories of her mother.

Kai'maria Longcrest

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