Elina Rosewood


She is short and scrawny, fair skinned with a slight greenish hue to it (a science experiment gone terribly wrong), blue eyes and long black wavy hair which she generally keeps in a braid. She has a large tattoo of the symbol of Ioun, God of Knowledge, on her back (resembles and Egyptian eye). Her robe is a dark blue color with long sleeves and a high collared neck. The robe is tailored around the mid section with a black leather and lace corset and also has laced bracers of the same material. She also dawns a black cape and black pointy wizards hat when traveling which she keeps her journal in.


Elina is overall a very upbeat excitable person who is very motivated to get out into the world and see all the places she has read about and learn as much as she can. Social Interactions: she is generally talkative in an information gathering sort of way, optimistically hopeful most of the time, and sometimes a little naive to the ways of the world. Decision Points: she is very adaptable when it comes to group decision making and generally trusts her own judgement as well as the judgement of her companions (unless they have given her a reason not to). She is pagmatic when it comes to rules/laws, and can sometimes be a little oblivious to peoples emotional states (but when she figures it out she tries very hard to be thoughtfull, even if it feels and sounds awkward). Dire Straits: When faced with danger she is a alarmingly cool customer, especially for someone so young. She knows that generally everyone is counting on her to control/assess the situation (especially in battles with multiple foes). Whn faced with setbacks she is usually more happy-go-lucky however occasionally she lets out moments of frustration (usually through Elven cursewords).

Elina Rosewood

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