The Breaking World

Tower by the Dragon Bones

Their First Mission may be their last

The Shield of Erathis has recently gained some new members, all of them are very promising. They have been given their fist assignment: to recover a long lost book from the tower of Zorander.

Zorander was once the most powerful Wizard in the world. He lost his life in battle against the great wyrm Armagond. His Tower looks over what was once the town of Sweet Vally.

During Armagond’s rampage he collapsed mountains and redirected rivers. Sweet vally was once along an important trade route but after the dragons wrath the town was cut off from the world and died. It is also where Armagond met his end. His enormous skeleton is still where it fell on the side of the town.

After the battle Zorander’s spirit returned to his tower. Even now, unknown to almost all, his essence watches over the tower and protects it’s artifacts. For there is one item in particular that Zorander does not want to fall into the wrong hands. The artifact that was the reason for the dragon’s madness and why it targeted Zorander’s home.

It has been nearly two hundred years and the soul of Zorander is growing weary and starting to lose its ties to the world. While he has kept his secrets safe he hopes that one day he will find one worthy to take his burden away.



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