The Breaking World

Guilt and Innocence

The hero’s pursue Dark Passenger to the buried temple that Moirai was studying. They arrive to find half the field outside the shrine to have been burnt and the other half to have been frozen solid. As the earth shakes they decide that this is all the been caused by whatever DP is doing to the gem and Khi’shel

Venturing into the temple they find that what ever power Dark Passenger has released it has warped and remade parts of the dungeon to reflect the deranged tiefling’s own broken mind. The heroes battle both shades that look like their former party mate as well as elemental creatures.

In a dark room they face off against the spirit of Dark Passenger who has almost totally lost control of his body. They make him face what he has done and with what is left of his spirit he heals them and transports them to stop his body that is now totally in control of the dark elemental forces.

After an epic battle they destroy the warlocks body and save the child.



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